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Share Folders Share Outlook's calendar and contacts
Size: 2.4 MB
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plug-in share Outlook add-on Share Folder Sharer  
Find Folders That Do or Do Not Contain Certain Files or Folders Software Find folders that contain specified filenames
Size: 2.84MB
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search locate Finder similar filenames search folder  
Share Send unlimited videos, photos and files to your friends
Size: 564 KB
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share send sender share file file sender Send File  
Too Share Analyze stockmarkets with this tool.
Size: 147 KB
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analyzer analysis Analyze analyze stockmarket  
i.Share The way to save money while giving everyone on your network simultaneous, secure access to the Internet. Add Artisofts i.Share Internet-access sharing software to your Microsoft, Novell, or Artisoft n
Size: 1,823K
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secure share internet sharing secure Internet  
Share IT File sharing made easy.
Size: 31.2 MB
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share share file connection Connect file download  

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Leaf Color all your images
Size: 1.49MB
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edit stream share Edit image monitor share  
CryptoHeaven for Linux Send and receive secure and anonymous email. Backup, store and share files online securely. Chat and exchange secure instant messages, create secure message boards. Share document folders through easy
Size: 7.63 MB
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share send document secure search secure integration secure  
CodeTwo PublicFolders CodeTwo Public Folders will turn your Outlook into a real workgroup software. Using this software you can easily share your contacts, e-mails, tasks, calendars, etc. You can create public folders in O
Size: 2100K
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public speaking Public ShareFolder public shop  
Softalk Share Server It shares folders in a very similar way to Exchange Server. There is no synchronization involved. This means that changes you make in Outlook can be seen instantly by other users that have access to y
Size: 17.12MB
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share outlook sharing Server Share share outlook  
BorderShare Easily share your files and folders on the network
Size: 698 KB
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share send share file network network share folder share  
ShareDirect Instantly share folders and files on your computer.
Size: 181.81k
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Share computer Computer share share folders  

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Softalk Share Server [b]Softalk share Server[/b] lets you share Microsoft Outlook amongst a team of people. It shares Folders in a very Similar way to Exchange Server. There is no synchronization involved. This means that...
Size: 17.12MB
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share outlook sharing Server Share share outlook  
WorkgroupShare [b]Workgroupshare[/b] lets you share Outlook Folders without needing Exchange Server. It provides robust synchronization of Outlook folders, allowing members of an organization to share essential Outl...
Size: 6.38 MB
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Exhange expertise share Outlook data expertise search  
Personal File Share Personal File share is a simple and easy to use application that was designed to help you make files and folders available for users connected to your LAN. The plain interface of Personal File Share a...
Size: 2.2 MB
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transfer download share Share Folder file share LAN share  
ContactsOutlook Contacts4Outlook - share Outlook Contacts Folder with your co-workers and friends without a server. Contacts4Outlook will help you share and synchronize Contacts folders in Microsoft Outlook without a...
Size: 6.37 MB
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share outlook folder Share Folder folder share  
Box for Windows 8 It features upload multiple images, videos, and files, easily share files and folders as links with Windows 8 Share, invite colleagues to shared folders and leave comments on files for them, find cont...
Size: -
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PIMShare for Microsoft Outlook 2007 Specify which folders you want to share. Share to multiple recipients. Share all items in a folder or only the ones you categorize for sharing. Share on-demand or automatically with the built-in sched...
Size: 1.63MB
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share contacts Share Tasks